Enterprise Blockchain Consortiums – Part 2

  This is the second part of our article about Blockchain consortiums focusing on the enterprise market. Part I of this article can be found here. In Part I, we covered Linux Foundation’s HyperLedger Project which acts as an umbrella for Fabric, Intel Sawtooth Lake, and Iroha. We also that R3’s Corda and Digital AssetContinue reading “Enterprise Blockchain Consortiums – Part 2”

Enterprise Blockchain Consortiums – Part 1

2016 was a big year for Blockchain. The hype around Blockchain was palpable, and you saw news from all around the world about various initiatives picking up steam. While this entry is not meant to provide a comprehensive state of *all* of the consortiums out there, I am attempting to capture the ones who seemContinue reading “Enterprise Blockchain Consortiums – Part 1”

Blockchain – What is Permissioned vs Permissionless?

What is the difference between a permissioned and a permissionless blockchain?

And the Fintech Country of the year award goes to…

If you are not following what is happening in India in the last few months, you will need to wake up and take a look. The demonetization effort launched by the Indian government has shaken this cash based economy to the core. While everyday folks suffered a lot with trouble in exchanging the 500 andContinue reading “And the Fintech Country of the year award goes to…”